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                                                       BUILD YOUR OWN PIZZA

         PIZZA                                   ADDTITIONAL           PREMIUM           EXTRA CHEESE
                                                         TOPPINGS              TOPPINGS
10" CHEESE      $8.95                        $1.35                      $1.75                        $1.85
(8 slices)
14" CHEESE     $11.50                       $1.60                      $2.50                        $2.35
(12 squares)    
16" CHEESE     $12.99                       $1.85                      $3.00                        $2.60
(16 squares)

18" CHEESE     $14.99                       $2.10                      $3.50                        $2.85
(20 squares) 

          We use our own private blend sauce and 100% REAL Mozzarella Cheese

           Authentic Italian Sausage      Pork Sausage      Pepperoni      Ground Beef
                 Real Bacon Pieces      Ham      Mushrooms     Black & Green Olives
                       Onions       Green Peppers        Banana & Jalapeno Peppers   

                               Anchovies      Fresh ROMA Tomatoes      Pineapple

                                                           PREMIUM TOPPINGS
                                            Grilled 100% All White Meat Chicken

                                                             SPECIALTY PIZZAS

               BBQ CHICKEN PIZZA                                               JACK'S ALL MEAT
      Special blend bbq sauce, grilled                             Pork sausage, pepperoni,
    all white meat chicken, real bacon,                     ham, authentic italian sausage,
     onions and covered in 100% real                       real bacon pieces and covered
                  mozzarella cheese                                      100% real mozzarella cheese
           10" $11.95   14" $15.25                                           10" $13.99  14" $17.99
           16" $17.49   18" $20.24                                           16" $21.99  18" $24.99

       ULTIMATE PEPPERONI PIZZA                                  JACK'S HAWAIIAN PIZZA
        One layer of pepperoni under                                    Ham, real bacon pieces
   100% real mozzarella cheese and                              pineapple and covered in
          another crispy layer on top                                  100% real mozzarella cheese
           10" $10.95  14" $13.70                                            10" $11.95  14" $15.25
           16" $15.49  18" $18.00                                            14" $17.49  18" $20.24

             JACK'S DELUXE PIZZA                                       JACK'S ALL VEGGIE PIZZA
    Sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms,                    Onions, green peppers, mushroom
black olives, ham, onions, green peppers            black olives, green olives, banana
   banana peppers, jalapeno peppers,                peppers, jalapeno peppers and fresh
 and yes anchovies if you like all covered             roma tomatoes all covered in 100%
       in 100% real mozzarella cheese                               real mozzarella cheese
           10" $13.99  14" $17.99                                             10" $13.95  14" $17.75
           16" $21.99  18" $24.99                                             16" $20.49  18" $23.74


                            STROMBOLI                                             SUPER STROMBOLI
                 Pizza sauce, pork sausage                      Our regular Stromboli plus we
             pepperoni, onions and covered                      add ham, green peppers
            in 100% Real mozzarella cheese                                 mushrooms
                                 $6.25                                                                 $6.99

                    HOT HAM & CHEESE                                               ITALIAN SUB
           Ham, smothered in 100% Real                   Ham and pepperoni smothered in
     mozzarella cheese, baked and topped              100% Real mozzarella cheese
              lettuce, pickle, onion and                              baked and topped with lettuce  
                         mayonaise                                         onion, pickle and italian dressing
                                 $6.99                                                                  $6.99

                         STEAK HOAGIE                                          CHICKEN PARMESAN
              Steak pattie with pizza sauce                   Grilled 100% all white meat chicken
         mushroom and onion smothered                 our own private blend pizza sauce
           in 100% Real mozzarella cheese                baked & smothered in 100% Real
                                  $6.99                                                       mozzarella cheese 

                                 sandwiches are baked to perfection and served
                                        with your choice of plain chips or doritos


                         GARDEN SALAD                                                   CHEF SALAD
               fresh iceberg lettuce, onions                         our garden salad plus we add
           black olives, green peppers, fresh                   ham, pepperoni and 100% Real
      roma tomatoes and parmesan cheese                         mozzarella cheese
                               $4.95                                                                        $6.95

                                                      GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD
our garden salad plus we add
                                              grilled 100% all white meat chicken
                                                 & 100% Real mozzarella cheese


salads served with your choice of dressing
                                            french, ranch, italian or bleu cheese

                                                CHICKEN WINGS BY THE POUND
                                           Traditional Bone-In Hot Wings or try our
                          NEW 100% ALL WHITE MEAT BONELESS CHICKEN BITES 
                         (Boneless Chicken Bites are available plain, mild, hot or bbq)

                                                     1lb.   $8.99       2lb.   $15.99
                         served with your choice of bleu cheese or ranch dressing


                                 Breadsticks brushed with garlic butter                 $4.99
                                 & covered with parmesan cheese

                                 Stuffed Breadsticks filled with pepperoni &        $4.99
                                 100% Real mozzarella cheese brushed with  
                                 garlic butter and covered with parmesan cheese
                         Breadsticks served with your choice of 2 dipping sauces
                            GARLICE BUTTER - NACHO CHEESE - PIZZA SAUCE

                                                    GARLIC BREAD       $3.99

                                                    GARLIC BREAD       $4.99
                                                    W/ MOZZARELLA CHEESE


                                                     CINNAMON STIX   $4.99
                                          our breadsticks brushed with butter and 
                                             covered with cinnamon sugar, baked to
                                               perfection then drizzled with icing!!!


                                                            SOFT DRINKS
                                                             2-LITER  $2.89
                                                       20 oz. BOTTLE  $1.79

                                    Coke      Diet Coke      Sprite      Coke Zero


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